What is CX? We look into the Customer Experience Journey

Customer experience (CX) is the value of an interaction between an organisation and a customer over the entire duration of their relationship. This interaction is made up of three parts: the customer journey, the brand touch-points the customer interacts with, and the environments the customer experiences (including digital environment) during their experience.

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CX optimises product and brand value

Customer Experience focuses on optimising value, meaning that in the facilitation of your CX journey, we use a cross-departmental lens to identify how your organisation, brand, or product can increase its value to the marketplace.

Common issues that we help businesses solve through CX

We can help with solving problems at all stages of the customer journey. Whether it's cart abandonment, brand awareness, cancellation rates, CAC, product-market fit, customer loyalty, or customer value, CX is a process that enables you to identify your growth opportunities and implement strategies that are scalable and are accountable to a positive ROI. Some examples of how we can help are:

"Translating" your product or service value to your customer

If your organisation is having trouble articulating its value proposition and connecting with customers, then our expertise on brand experience and go-to-market fit will help.

Having a poor post-sale experience

High cancellations and/or customer churn? That can be expensive. A large component of our work focuses on optimising post-sale experiences to turn customers into loyal advocates.

Trouble attracting customers

If your organisation's funnel isn't firing as effectively as it should be, then it's time to view your problems through a CX lens. CX enables you to create effective, value-laden acquisition funnels that decrease your CAC and drive scalable growth.

"I'm acquiring customers, but no-one is using my product"

If this is a problem, then you likely have poor product-market fit. We have assisted multiple startups, small businesses, and enterprises optimise their product-market fit through a CX framework.

User Experience Vs. Customer Experience

The difference between “UX” and “CX” cannot be overstated. Whilst they can share similar functions, it is best not to group them into the same category. The best analogy when describing CX vs. UX is "CX is a toolbox and UX is a tool within that toolbox."

Customer Experience is the optimisation of “perceived value”: how much your customers value your offering. Its goal is to make a company, organisation, or government body more effective in achieving its objectives.

CX is about making your brand more effective in achieving its strategic goals, UX is about making your app, website, or software more effective as an asset. Read more

The Definition of User Experience (UX)

“User Experience” is the application of design thinking principles to a website, app, or piece of software to optimise its functionality - it’s similar to the role of industrial design in manufacturing. Examples of UX include:

  • Making an app easier to use;
  • Making a social media network more "addictive";
  • Increasing the conversion rate of a website.

How User Research Impacts the Design Process

User Research is a critical component of design, as it provides focus to the design team as to what is going to be an effective solution for the end user. Similarly, Customer Experience relies heavily on design to provide focus as to what your customers value when it comes to the vision of your company.

Difference Between Customer Service & Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Service is not Customer Experience. Customer Service, sometimes known as Customer Success, is the support of a customer throughout various stages of the customer journey. Examples of customer service include call centre support, technical support during the onboarding phase of a customer journey, and warranty support after a product or service has been bought and used.

Similar to the difference between UX and CX, customer service is a tool within the toolbox that is CX, and serves to support CX's objectives of increasing perceived customer value.