Turning goodwill into action


Vollie was a startup in the minds of founders Matt and Tanya when they first met Tiny CX. As founders, their vision was to create the world’s best online volunteering platform, and they wanted to ensure that their platform was able to turn dormant volunteers into a proactive and valuable volunteer workforce.

Vollie engaged Tiny CX in 2016 (before a single line of code had been written) in order to provide its product team with an understanding of what dormant volunteers want from a skilled online volunteering platform. Then, armed with insights into volunteer value drivers, the Vollie team was able to create its online volunteering platform that leveraged those volunteer value drivers in order to acquire, engage, and retain skilled online volunteers.

Since its launch in late 2016, Vollie has gone on to generate over $600,000 worth of volunteer value across 575 non-profit organisations and 13 countries by unlocking a previously-dormant skilled volunteer force. Thanks to Vollie and the insights provided by Tiny CX that guided them, this dormant volunteer force now volunteers an average of 18 hours per person using the Vollie platform.

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