How Customer Segmentation Works

We combine data, research, and analytics to build a robust understanding of who your customer is and how you can better connect with them.

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Consumer Segmentation

For consumer-facing brands, and "B2B2C" brands, our consumer segmentation services have been described by one CEO as, "the most actionable segmentation ever."

Data segmentation

We use demographic, geographic, psychographic, & socioeconomic data to identify who your customers are.

Behavioural segmentation

How your customers behave is an integral component of an effective customer segmentation strategy.

Customer profiling

We combine data analysis with primary qualitative research to profile your customers in order to understand how your brand/s can be more valuable to your consumers.

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B2B Market Segmentation

Effective B2B segmentation can increase a brand's sales and customer value by providing much-needed focus and guidance to go-to-market strategies and product & sales strategies.

Data Segmentation

Your CRM and databases hold a wealth of information that can be effectively used to analyse segments.

Data Enrichment

Having gaps in your data is the norm, with almost every business that we have worked with missing crucial data. We increase the quality of B2B segmentation via data enrichment.

Primary Research

Interviews with key decision-makers in your target clients brings the data to life via a series of actionable insights and stories that your business can use to build better campaigns, more-effective sales strategies, and high-value products & services.

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