Our Products

We believe in making our services available to all, which is why we productise our offering as much as possible. Each product listed below has a dedicated website for further information.

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Hourglass is an integrated CX and Marketing analytics, modelling, and management tool that enables you to understand the ROI of your marketing & CX in real-time and a single glance.

Customer journey analytics
Growth management support


Pæple is a tool that empowers UX, Service Designers, Product Designers and Marketers to uncover your customers' value drivers in a more quantifiable manner than user testing.

Easily understand value drivers
More robust than user testing
Recruit, interview, and uncover insights in days
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CX Academy

Via a set of online tools and videos, learn applied CX theory that you can use to transform your team, your product, and your company into a more customer-centric, differentiated, and valued brand.

Introductory courses
Learn our CX framwork
Affordable and practical


Weaponise your NPS (or CSAT, CVI, or CES) to turn promoters into proactive referral partners and save unhappy customers.

Customer metric automation & dashboard
Growth hacks your feedback loops
Helps you choose the right customer metric

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