Segment your market using reliable data

The power of a great segmentation strategy cannot be understated. Done well, it provides your brand with the ability to focus its sales, marketing, and operations on highly valuable customers with efficiency.

Tiny CX has brought segmentation into the 21st century. We can provide your company with segments that detail who your customers are, what they're worth, and what they want from your brand.


We use copious amounts of data to ensure that your segments are highly representative of your population.


We're don't stop at a report, but provide you with the tools and framework to apply your segmentation strategy.


We empower your entire organisation to understand and apply your segmentation strategy for maximum impact.

Insights into how to be more valuable to each segment

We don't stop at profiling your segments, but dive deeper to understand what is going to motivate them to purchase from and engage with your offering which you can springboard your brand, communications, product, and CX strategies from.


Unlock the power of Tiny CX Segmentation

We represent a 21st century way of segmentation that uses big data, deep insights, measurable outcomes, and distributed communications.

Big Data

Utilise the power of big data to enrich your company's database and fill in the gaps in your data.

Deep Insights

Where big data fails, our proprietary qualitative research process prevails to help you understand your customer like never before.


Implement leading indicators for growth, decline, retention, and churn and operationalise your segmentation strategy from day 1.

Distributed Comms

From your front-line to your boardroom, segments need to be understood and actionable if they are to be effective.

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