Banco property group engaged Tiny CX for their ambitious East Brunswick Village project, a 3.1 hectare village comprising of over 600 dwellings across seven buildings.

Our task was to identify how EBV can maintain a sense of community and livability amongst such a dense population. The research informed building design and has led to some highly innovative social, environmental and cultural sustainability additions to the project, such as a rooftop apiary, private cinema, tool shed, community spaces, and recreational amenities.

The resulting project has been nothing short of a huge success, with sold out stages based on the key insight that "community is not defined by bricks and mortar but by shared experiences".



Customer Insights

Identifying how to make EBV the #1 preference for home-buyers looking to buy in inner-north and outer-north Melbourne.

CX Strategy

Applying the insights to inform the strategic decisions behind the buildings, the amenities, and the go-to-market strategy.