Understand what motivates your customers to buy

Every segment has a common set of motivators that drive them to engage in a purchase decision. Whether it's as complex as purchasing a home or as simple as purchasing lunch, we are all driven by a system of beliefs, values, motivators, and perceptions.

Tiny CX has a proud history of helping brands understand their customer and client purchase decision motivators and turning them into actionable insights that get results.

Experience meets innovation

We have used our unique insights research method for over 50 projects since 2015.

Identifying "unique"

We have identified over 2,000 unique sources of value for customers and clients.

Data rich

We've collected over 10,000 lines of rich, insight-laden data since 2015.

Understand what motivates your customers to stay

The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5x the cost of retaining a customer, yet your competitors almost definitely aren't investing as much in customer retention as they are in customer acquisition.

Our Customer Experience Research services help you understand the drivers of loyalty and the detractors that will lead to customer churn.


Unlock the power of CX Research

We provide a powerful combination of insights-rich customer research and quantitative leading indicators of growth and churn to help our clients optimise their CX with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.


With proprietary software to drive our research process, we can achieve lightning-fast turnaround on your customers' value drivers.


Gain insights into your customers value drivers when it comes to purchase behaviours, retention, and loyalty.

Operationalised Value

Implement leading indicators for growth, decline, retention, and churn and operationalise your Customer Experience.

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...and we'll show you a little magic. We are currently based in Melbourne, but work across Europe and Australia.