Is your board equipped to advise your organisation on Customer Experience?


The CX conundrum

It doesn't take a genius to realise that the number of CX roles in organisations are increasing. But with 70% of boards lacking CX knowledge, there is a disturbing problem on the horizon: uninformed strategy.

CX is not an outcome

Most boards view CX as an outcome, "if we do XYZ, then it will improve our customer experience." This isn't strictly true.

CX is a framework for increasing your organisation's competitive advantage through differentiation and customer value. Like everything else in your business, it is a process that can be optimised.

Bad Gateway

Boards are uninformed

88% of professionals view CX as an important differentiator and 68% view CX as a driver of revenue growth, which shows why CX roles such as "Chief Customer Officer" and "GM of Customer Experience" are on the rise.

With 70% of boards lacking CX knowledge, there is a very real risk of CX projects wrecking havoc on organisations.

Digital 2.0

The opportunity costs and the sunk costs of bad CX investment could be in the millions for your company. Like the preceding digital era, the lack of accepted frameworks and accountability can lead to a lot of "cowboy" solutions.

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A framework exists

We have an evidence-based transformation framework that enables teams to be accountable to CX transformation projects using real and relevant data.

Boards can learn this framework and understand the accountability metrics associated with it, ensuring that they are prepared to provide informed guidance for an organisation's CX.

We can help

We offer a flexible variety of solutions for boards to assist in the education of Customer Experience strategy and effective implementation of CX projects. Get in touch today to find out more.