Customer strategy now represents the core of any board-level decision-making

"Customer Experience" is fast becoming the #1 driver of growth for modern companies and is superseding the traditional marketing function. But with 70% of boards lacking CX knowledge, there is a real risk that boards could poor CX solutions due to their lack of diligence regarding what CX is.

Customer Experience is a modern framework for making organisations more effective at achieving their goals.

As a director, it is in your best interests to understand what CX is and how to create a customer strategy. Tiny CX offers bespoke "CX for Boards" strategic services, including CX education, CX strategic planning workshops, and voice of customer services.

How CX for Boards Works


CX Theory

We can provide your directors with a theoretical understanding of what CX is and how it can support your strategic decision-making process.


Strategic CX Planning

We can incorporate a CX framework into your strategic planning days so that the future-state of your company is customer-centric.


Voice of Customer & Benchmarking

We can provide board-level insights into your company's opportunities to optimise its CX, as well as provide appropriate metrics that can sit alongside a P&L report that indicate how effective your company's CX is.


Board ↔ Management Conduit

We can represent the board's strategic objectives at the management and "coal face" levels of your company, thus ensuring that the risk of miscommunication between board and employees is minimised.

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