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We make problems un-stuck

The secret to building great experiences is in using proven processes that transform complex problems into solutions that support your objectives and align your team & stakeholders. As experienced design & strategy sprint facilitators, we take our robust insights from our research services and turn them into competitive solutions to some of your most-complex problems.

How our strategy & design sprints work

Using our research team to provide insights into the problem at-hand, Tiny CX design & strategy sprints are built from a foundation of unparalleled insights into your brand, your customers, and your competitive environment.

We then select experts from within our network of professionals to design the best possible solution to your problem.

In energy? We'll bring in successful energy entrepreneurs and designers to leverage their expertise in combination with our insights.

In finance? We'll use some of Australia's most successful FinTech entrepreneurs to apply their experience to your insights to solve your biggest problem.

In retail? How about accessing the minds behind some of the world's most-disruptive fashion brands in combination with revolutionary insights to inform your company's future?

By combining the Sprint methodology with robust qualitative & quantitative research and a network of specialists, we provide a world-class solution to solving complex problems.

Proper research makes all the difference

Many sprints are grounded in light-touch discovery, meaning that your next product, service, or business strategy could've been informed by a small sample of customer interviews that were never validated or analytics.

By incorporating robust research methodologies into our process, we provide more reliable insights and a level of expertise that allows us to identify more useful insights. Those insights in-turn set the stage for more impactful design and strategy sprints.

In short, our design & strategy process is informed by more data and more-experienced researchers than your average design thinking agency.

What Does a Sprint Do?

Optimise Existing Journeys

Useful for companies who need to level-up their existing products and services.

Create New Experiences

Accelerate your next phase of growth with validated next-generation products and services.

Upskill Your Team

Transform your team's pace, creativity, and ability to collaborate.

Complete months of work in a matter of weeks

Our clients include...

Why sprints?

A sprint turns the complex problems that might be gnawing away at your company into tangible and tested solutions. It helps teams work better together, it fast-tracks your company's ability to tackle problems, and can be the source of your next top-line revenue opportunity, optimise your bottom-line, or provide you with that next level of differentiation.

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Not just for products

Modern products aren't products, they're services. As the world moves into the experience economy, our design process provides your company with a process for designing experiences that will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Examples of the problems that sprints can solve...

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Design Sprints

The design sprint is a structured process that focuses on providing a tangible and tested prototype within 4 days. It is entirely collaborative: we combine our expertise, your team, and third-party experts to design the optimum solution.

Day 1: Discover challenges & assign roles

Day 2: Define prototypes

Day 3: Build prototypes

Day 4: Test prototypes & roadmap future


Outcomes of a Design Sprint

Looks like the real thing

The outcome is a "high fidelity prototype", which means that the solution looks and acts like something that would normally take months (or years) to build.

A springboard solution

Whether it's a sales pitch, a brand new product, or an optimised process, the output serves as a compelling case for further development or rollout into BAU.

Strategy sprints

The strategy sprint is an iterative process that builds a competitive and actionable strategy over 2x sessions and is iterated on a monthly basis. It is useful for companies who want to remain adaptive to changes in their business environment whilst building a sustainable competitive advantage.

Day 1: Explore strategic options

Day 2: Create action plan

Month 2: Review strategy

Month 4: Measure & test efficacy

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Outcomes of a Strategy Sprint

Reliable Guidance

Our research-integrated approach to design and strategy ensures that your strategy is built off reliable sources of research, because when it comes to making critical decisions, certainty is a must.


Modern business success is strongly influenced by how adaptable a business is to change. Strategy sprints do away with 100+ page plans and instead focus on actions that make a measurable difference.


Strategy is a process, not an outcome. Our strategy service operates on a monthly schedule, allowing your business to keep control, no matter what the future throws at it.