Buchanan engaged Tiny CX to help them create a brand strategy, identity, and digital experience that would enable them to position themselves as a market leader in IP law and governance.

Utilising our proprietary branding approach, The Positioning Tree, we were able to craft a unique value proposition that has enabled Buchanan to stand out from the crowd with a brand promise of "protecting your unique".

Buchanan is now one of Australia's most-respected trademark and IP law firms.

Tiny CX's passion for our project resulted in the identification and clear articulation of the strong values that underpin our specialist legal services. Values of IMMERSIVE LAW and the uncompromising pursuit of protecting our clients' 'UNIQUE' are now firmly entrenched in the BUCHANAN brand.
Scott Buchanan - Director, Buchanan Law


Brand Strategy

A unique brand strategy was vital in helping Buchanan carve a CVP that reinforces its strengths and differentiates it from the pack.

Brand Identity

Representing the strategy, the brand identity was the execution of the brand strategy in carving out the Buchanan identity and CVP.

Digital Experience

The Buchanan website serves as a balance between technical know-how and an accessible customer experience to drive growth.