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How actionable is your current brand tracker?

Starting as a strategy and design consultancy, the team at Tiny CX were quick to realise that a lot of the data our clients were using to make decisions was hard to action.

Upon closer enquiry, we realised that many Brand Health Trackers are merely exports of survey data and, crucially, lack the focus on identifying the insights that are going to help the client achieve their strategic objectives.

It's not just about research

Our brand health tracking services include strategy and design-thinking workshops to help our clients apply the insights in order to optimise their marketing and product strategy.

Best-practice brand measurement process

We're not smart enough to reinvent the wheel when it comes to branding. Instead, we use best-practice brand health metrics to ensure your brand is reliably & accurately measured.


Unprompted awareness

Top of Mind Awareness

Consideration & preference


Brand strengths

Brand associations

Cognitive strength

Emotional connection

Purchase drivers

Barriers to consideration

Communications effectiveness

Category positioning

Perceived value


Our process

We don't hire juniors. In fact, we maintain a philosophy of ensuring our senior strategists are involved in every step of the briefing, research, strategy, and design phases of projects. This immersive approach to strategy ensures that no detail is missed when analysing client Brand Health Tracker data.

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Why Us?

We're a collaboration between brands who love quality research and actionable outcomes. By aligning research outcomes with research objectives, we turn the simple brand health tracker into actionable insights that drive impact.


We use copious amounts of data to create confidence levels that traditional research simply cannot match.


We're don't stop at a report, but provide you with the tools and framework to turn your customer insights into measurable outcomes.


With no juniors assigned to menial tasks, we instead utilise our experience & modern technology to utilise senior strategists end-to-end.

Want a preview of our work?

Download our whitepaper, which discusses how Australian energy retailers can overcome the barriers to consumer adoption of energy and telecommunications bundling.

A meeting of collective minds

A collaboration between two companies that represent the next generation of business consulting, our Brand Health Tracking services focus on identifying areas of opportunity for optimising brand strategy, product strategy, communications and go-to-market, and Customer Experience in order to achieve business objectives.

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A modern approach to Brand Health Trackers

We represent a 21st century way of research that looks at how your brand measures across your entire customer journey, incorporating traditional BHT with modern CX metrics.

Brand Awareness & Consideration

Measure your brand strength at the top and middle of the funnel on a per-segment basis.


Measure how your brand and those of your competitors stack up in the minds of your customers.


Measure the efficacy of your campaigns as well as the impact that they have on key outcomes, such as awareness.

Customer Journey Metrics

Measure the strength of your Customer Experience and identify your best opportunities for optimisation.

We do not deliver tables and charts...

...we deliver data-informed insights and recommendations to help you make your brand stronger.

Let's talk

Request a free consultation to discuss how our market segmentation, brand health tracking, customer discovery, or data analysis services can help your business.