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The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre has long been a beneficiary of Tiny CX’s services, so when they approached us to assist their social enterprise, ASRC Cleaning, we were excited to combine our business prowess with our passion for human rights advocacy.

ASRC Cleaning has a unique retention problem: their workforce is temporary by design. With an average tenure of 6 months per cleaner and an employee base that largely do not want to work as a cleaner, the service had its problems in retaining customers.

Using our “Relief Report” CX Sprint process, we worked with the ASRC Cleaning team over a three-month period to identify the key value drivers when it came to attracting and keeping commercial and domestic cleaning jobs and provided the training, the tools, and the solutions that ASRC Cleaning required to increase their perceived value to their different target customers.

“Tiny CX worked with ASRC Cleaning to facilitate the optimisation of our Customer Experience. Over a three-month period, Tiny CX provided us with not only insights and practical strategic guidance, but also transformed the way that our team works thanks to their collaborative working model. Our team now has the guidance, resources, and capability to continue our CX optimisation journey, and I can honestly say that this engagement was the best engagement I have been involved with during my time at the ASRC,” Steve Betinsky — Director, Social Enterprises at ASRC

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