Established in 2015, Tiny CX was originally founded as a marketing agency for startups. With our success came an expansion beyond startups, and we found ourselves working with multi-billion dollar challenger brands looking to adopt the “startup mindset” in order to take and defend market share.

Our success is defined by our clients’ success, and while it’s nice to be recognised (our founder, Tom, won an award as a strategist in 2019), we’re happiest when we know that we’ve helped our clients achieve their strategic objectives. As such, at the end of 2019, we narrowed our focus to out most impactful work: customer intelligence and customer experience strategy

Today, we not only help you understand your customer and segments like never before, but we also help you apply those insights in order to enable impact where it counts: your success. Whether that looks like increased revenue, decreased churn, a stronger brand, or more social impact, our focus is your success.

Our partners

We partner with specialist agency Freeform Strategy and worldwide technology provider QuestionPro to bring enterprise-level expertise and capability to challenger brands.

The Founder

Tom Uhlhorn is the founder of Tiny CX, and brings a philosophy of attention to detail, accountability, and research to every project. If he can, he loves getting on the tools with his clients, but these days you're more likely to see him setting strategy and ensuring projects are on-track to deliver maximum value.


Tom likes to write, too